Castle Nut Wrench Locksmith Tool | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

Castle Nut Wrench Locksmith Tool | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

Castle Nut Wrench Locksmith Tool an important locksmith tool. If you don’t have it, you better get one, because sooner or later you’re going to run across it, or you’re gonna need it. This is a castle nut wrench. They’re not expensive. Some of them are open. This is a really old one I’ve had kicking around in my toolbox forever. They’re not expensive. You can get them from your locksmith supplier. The Schlage 40 017 Steel Al & D Series Lever Castle Nut Wrench is under $15. 

The Lever Castle Nut Wrench is a small tool that is used to install and remove both the Schlage AL and the Schlage D Series lever locks. This can be done without this tool using a wrench but the tool makes it much easier to accomplish

Schlage AL-Series and discontinued D Lever-Series locks use castle nuts to hold the chassis to the spring cages and to keep the chassis positioned in the door. This causes confusion at times when the lock is being removed from the door because the castle nut is on the spindle hub, hidden by the spring cages, and the person trying to remove the lock does not know it is there. The typical complaint is that the mounting screws have been removed but the lock still cannot be removed from the door. The castle nut must first be removed before the lock can be removed.

How do you remove a lock from a door with a Castle Nut Wrench?

A castle nut wrench usually shipped with the lock for ease of installment and removal and can be purchased from Schlage (part number 40-017).

Step 1: Remove the inside lever by using a pin wrench. 
Step 2: Remove the driver, driver cap, and rose. 
Step 3: With the mounting screws firmly in place use the castle nut wrench to remove the castle nut.
Step 4: Remove the mounting screws and spring cage.
Step 5: Pull on the outside lever to remove the chassis from the door.
Step 6: Remove the latch.

NOTE 1: It is important to have the mounting screws firmly tightened to try and relieve the pressure on the castle nut, otherwise it will be very difficult to remove the castle nut.

Hi, I am Terry. and today we’re going to talk about an important locksmith tool. If you don’t have it, you better get one, because sooner or later you’re going to run across it, or you’re gonna need it. This is a castle nut wrench. They’re not expensive.

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