Unboxing Schlage B660P Deadbolt Lock | Mr. Locksmith Video

Unboxing Schlage B660P Deadbolt Lock | Mr Locksmith Video

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Unboxing Schlage B660P Deadbolt Lock: One of my favorite Deadbolt Locks and one of the most popular and versatile deadbolts we sell is the Schlage B660. The Schlage 66o is a Commerical Grade Deadbolt but looks fantastic on Residential Door. The Schlage Deadbolt is very versatile because we can change the cylinder to almost any Keyway, A locksmith can use it from just a simple Schlage C Keyway to the C123 to the Primus High Security Locks. Also, you can add cylinders in the most popular keyways eg: Weiser, Kwikset, Sargent, Abloys. The Schlage Deadbolt is a fantastic lock. It’s very versatile and it really cuts down on our stock.

Schlage Deadbolt Lock

This is the Schlage B660 Deadbolt. 626 is the color. And C123 is the keyway. I absolutely love this deadbolt. It’s extremely versatile and it’s a fantastic heavy-duty deadbolt that’s even good for residential and good for all commercial applications. So it’s just.. Unboxing Schlage B660P Deadbolt Lock we will put out the bits and pieces that are in here. And instructions, we don’t read the instructions. So here’s what we got. We have a nice heavy-duty deadbolt. It’s got the security collar. So we’re anti-spin or whatever. It’s solid, it’s a weight, you know, it’s a very, very heavy sort of deadbolt. It’s fantastic. And we’ll get into it more later but I love that we can put almost anything into it. I absolutely love this deadbolt. We’ll get into it as we install it. But here’s the out of the box. It’s an extremely difficult lock to pick because we have.. It is a six pin, it’s extremely tight tolerances LockSmiths hate picking these things, they’re really hard. And what makes it even tougher it’s so simple, it’s got a little check pin down here. So you gotta pick it, which is hard. And then you gotta make sure you get the check pin. This version is not rated as “pick resistant” however, it is extremely difficult to pick, especially the Schalge Everest series (C123, S129, etc.) . If you want pick resistance, then we go into the Primus high security, which is similar with a lot more of.. It’s UL listed as a pick resistant, really pick resistant not some of these fake company standards. This is UL listed as a pick resistant, not this one. This is a C123, with different keyways, very versatile. Now what I really like is it has this collar on here. And the main point of it is it is ice-pick resistant. So if they try to.. This is an ice-pick shield, which is still an extremely popular method of defeating locks, is they come in from the top and they attack the top of the lock with an ice-pick. And it just goes right through the wooden door, some of the metal doors, maybe not the commercial doors but basically that is so simple. It’s in there and it protects it from ice-pick attacks. That was really good as well and we highly recommend this on your strike. This goes in the edge of the doorframe. You run the three inch screws and what these do, is they capture, they go right into the two by four. Hopefully, the doors got a two by four is framed correctly. And these three inch screws make it really hard to kick the door in. I actually preferred a longer strike, but out of the box, this is pretty good. You’ll see my other videos where I like the 18 inch long strike plate, but this in a pinch.. In a package, this is fantastic. It’s the B660, it’s very heavy duty it’s a very pick resistant Deadbolt. It’s the same lock we put on the hospitals and the schools. If you ever look at the locks of hospitals and schools, they’re usually a B660 or something around that, fantastic lock, extremely durable. I’ve seen these things 25, 30 years on. The old versions of this, my dad put in are still working. So they’re fantastic. The schools love them, and again, it’s fantastic for residential. More Unboxing Schlage B660P Deadbolt Lock and other Schlage Deadbolts will be added soon.

Schlage Locks can be rekeyed and Master Kekeyed

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