Practical Lock Picking: A Physical Penetration Tester’s Training Guide

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Practical Lock Picking: A Physical Penetration Tester’s Training Guide
If your just entering the locksmithing as a profession this is the book for you. I read this book once and I was able to confidently pick my first lock in under 17 seconds.
Great illustrations and easy to understand terms. Shipping was was fast. I would purchase from seller again.
I own the Kindle version of this book. It really is wonderfully written, very clear and concise. This book helped me understand not only the basics of how locks work, but how and why they can be defeated through basic lockpicking.
It is definitely a go-to book for someone new to picking locks, and is a good reference for those who have been doing it for a while. I recommend it to all, and look forward to the 2nd edition.
Having sat through an instructional course given by Deviant at a prior conference, I was enthused to hear that he was writing his own book.
Ollam has great patience and a very friendly instructional manner that helps set many people at ease as they learn the frustration of lock picking.
The book structure is well put together and eases people through the process, allowing for readers to jump in at the appropriate location for their skill set.
Lock picking is a purely practical science, so the inclusion of graphics and images were well needed, and greatly appreciated.
What really makes the book is the included disk that includes all of the book figures, in color, as well as animated figures and videos from past training sessions.
Reading the book while having the disk contents open next to you allow you to quickly read the content, reference the animated figures, and then try them out for yourself before moving on.
Overall, excellent structure and presentation. This is a must-buy.
Practical Lock Picking The author does a fantastic job at covering the fundamentals of lock picking. He breaks it down into simple components and concepts, and then steps it up to cover advanced techniques and various anti-tampering lock designs.
The one complaint I have is that while there are numerous diagrams to help you visualize the lock designs, pins, etc… you have to physically practice to get a better understanding.
Some of the diagrams didnt make sense to a beginner, but after reading the book, the basics are all in there and it is a matter of developing practical experience and knowledge.
What I got out of this book was that for every wild and crazy lock design intended to prevent tampering, there is a key or a way to get past it. Overall: 4/5 stars
I have seen lock picking in movies my whole life and always believed it was one of those movie magic gimmicks but this book clearly shows you how easy it really is to pick most American style locks.
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