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Commercial Locksmith Service | Mr Locksmith
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Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Locksmith Service is an area that is substantially different from residential locksmithing. This is because the locking hardware, being used to protect businesses and commercial properties, consists of a higher quality and needs to adhere to different government standards.

Mr. Locksmith Commercial Services. There are a number of reasons why the hardware used in commercial properties needs to be different than the hardware used in homes. Some of the reasons are:

– Higher traffic means the locking hardware is used more often.
– The locks, keys and doors need to be designed to last long under commercial circumstances.
– Insurance requirements
– Business insurance companies requires businesses to have a high security UL rating for all locks.

Fire code requirements – The primary purpose of fire code for businesses is to protect lives. A typical requirement for a commercial property is to install opening devices which have been designed to be easy to use, even in the dark.

Privacy protection requirements: Businesses need to maintain sensitive client and internal company information with the highest security possible.

Mr. Locksmith is your Commercial Locksmith Near Me and offers complete packages to meet all your commercial needs. Our mobile technicians are highly experienced in installing, replacing and repairing commercial graded products. We carry a wide selection of commercial products to assist companies in meeting their needs.

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Terry Whin-Yates is a 3rd Generation Locksmith with a BA (Hons) Criminology. He has 35 years of experience in the locksmith and security industry and is a locksmith trainer providing On-LIne and Hands-On locksmith training to people, businesses and Law Enforcement all across North America and Asia. Terry Whin-Yates‘ BC Security License is B4227.

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